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Get the best ideas, solutions and tips to maximize your storage space. We offer virtual or in-home consultation. Feel free to select the easiest way to meet with our closet designer Houston Tx. Our top priority is the safety, comfort and wellbeing of our valued clients. Call us today to get started.

"I just want to say how happy I am with the quality and durability of my new reach-in closets. I didn’t expect that I would be able to get more at a cut price." - Tom K.

Welcome To Custom Closets Houston

Welcome to Houston’s leading custom closet manufacturer!

Here at Custom Closets Houston, we know that every closet is unique. It is not created equal with the other closets system we see in many homes. But, we know that there is always closet space in every home no matter how small or big it can be.

With our closet organization experts, we make use of every minute during the consultation. We take the time asking questions regarding you, your style and your needs. This way, we can come up with a fully personalized design. We can incorporate it in your reach-in, walk-in or even utility closet.

About Custom Closets Houston

We are a locally owned and operated company based in Houston, Texas. We started as a small company that offers a few kinds of closet organizer systems. At present, we serve the entire Houston and other surrounding towns and cities.

Custom Closets Houston’s mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations and change their perceptions about storage. We do this by ensuring that every closet design can accommodate all the needs of the owner. We make sure that the building process is done in a helpful and professional manner.

Furthermore, we have designed our facilities with the safety and comfort in mind of our closet builders, closet designers, and other employees. And of course, we also think of our customers’ convenience and safety. Our company also hosts additional services available to make your stay with us pleasant and stress-free.

One of our principles is to promote an environmentally and sustainable solution in this business wherever possible. We take our philosophy seriously and it is evident all throughout our business ventures. From the products we use to the final finishes, we make sure that we will never bring any harm to the people and the environment.

We assist our customers in developing a closet design Houston Tx that matches their personal taste and storage needs. We serve both local homes and businesses of any sizes.

Why Choose Us?

Right from the first day of delivering our service, we have been consistently showing professionalism and providing quality products. We make sure that all closets Houston will give security and beauty to the beloved collections of our clients. We value your investments like you do. Find out why our previous customers choose us for their new closet cabinet design.

  • Style and Functionality – Our collection of Houston custom closets is never out of style and functionality. We incorporate fashion and sophistication in every product while we guarantee extremely useful features.
  • Cost-efficiency – Every individual would dream of a grand walk-in or wardrobe closet in his or her room. The problem is that the price may hinder him from achieving what he likes. When you choose us, you will see how we price each service fairly and honestly. You will get affordable closet systems. We also offer special deals on selected days and seasons.
  • Great Staff Members – When it comes to customer care, we will never let you down. We have polite and customer-friendly assistants who are responsible for taking calls from our clients and providing accurate responses. We are also proud of every closet designer Houston Tx, closet installer and builder we have. They are all skilled, experienced and professionals. We guarantee professional appearance, behaviour and language.
  • Personalized Solutions – Our team is committed to assisting our guests and we are passionate about creating personalized solutions only for our clients. We take pride in the cleanliness and presentation of our facilities. We believe that these aspects help a lot in inspiring our designers and builders of custom closets to develop a functional product.

What To Expect?

Our process in making closets Houston is always simplified by our team. Thanks to our home organization professionals, implementing all policies and processes within the company is so easy. From the design consultation to the final clean up, we are confident that you will get the best custom closet organizer in your area.

We agree that performing DIY projects is fun. But, if you want to guarantee precise measurements, impeccable product choices, expert installation, and professional 3D technology design capabilities, find a pro. What’s more, you get to save money and time from this job.

Our experts ensure that they will have a keen attention to detail and precision in delivering personalized home storage solutions. To assure you on this aspect, we give an extensive training workshop to our installers. This way, you have peace of mind while working with them.

At Custom Closets Houston, our design consultative process is developed according to your style and needs. During the consultation, we only spend the time with you and understand your way of living and discover the most important aspects to you.

We use 3D design software to show your area come to life before the cutting of materials begins. During the process, we work with you to personalize all steps. We want to ensure that you will get a custom closet that matches your budget and style.

Our professional designers arrive on time during the consultation. As for our builders and installers, we make sure that they will start working on the Houston custom closets as scheduled. They are ready to complete your satisfaction after you see the final design.

As we complete the installation process, you and our installers will inspect the product together. We guarantee that everything is set right to where it should be.

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Our Services

We take pride in our onsite experts who render truly personalized pieces of advice to make the most of your storage space. We will help you manage everything to completely understand your needs. We want you to feel comfortable with our closet designer. Then, you get to learn more of the other services we offer.

Custom Closet Design

Our custom closet features exclusive add-ons including cedar lining and glass doors. This way, the custom closet design is not only about keeping things in the storage, but protecting your delicate items and drive pests away. Our company encourages people to have a sense of functionality to the entire closet space including shelves, cabinets, valet rods, bins and racks.

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Walk-in Closet Design

As a recommended company, we deliver a walk in closet design that creates a perfectly organized place for you. We add special touches to capture every awkward corner and turn it into a valuable storage space. We offer various colors, finishes and hardware so you achieve a funky, simple or elegant style as you desire.

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Reach-In Closet Design

Maximize your little space and protect your belongings at a good price. Bear in mind that our reach-in closet does not contain one rod and have inaccessible corners at all ends. Our expert designers can make a fully customized reach-in closet design with functional cabinets and drawers, stackable storage and tiered rods. We assure you that it is not only accessible, but attractive as well.

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Wardrobe Closet Design

Get the most out of our wardrobe closets with the essential items you need to keep your clothes, accessories, bags and shoes. We can add more specialty items like jewelry drawers, pull-out baskets, tie racks, and more. We will highlight the beauty of your room with your custom wardrobe closet.

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Kids Closet Design

Make your kids comfortable and safe with a clutter-free space. Keeping toys, sports equipment, clothing and other pieces of stuff can be a daunting task. This often happens if you do not have a storage area that can accommodate everything. With our kids closet design, you will get some professional help and long-lasting solutions at a fair price.

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About Houston Texas

Known as the most populous city in Texas, Houston has currently over 2, 300, 000 population. It ranks fourth in the most populous cities in the US and sixth place in North America.

Houston is situated in Southeast Texas and lies near the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay. This city is the seat of Harris County and dubbed as the world capital of space exploration and other world capital names in different industries.

The locals love this city and the residents are reported to have great quality of life and career. Other cities surrounding Houston are the following:

  • Baytown Tx
  • Alvin Tx
  • Angleton Tx
  • Bay City Tx
  • Aldine Tx
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I order custom closets near me?

If you buy closets from us, we promise that you will work with the most discerning architects, interior designers and builders. You will get premium product quality, unrivalled capacity for customized design, and excellent customer care.

How can I get quality closet organizers near me?

The first thing to do is to schedule a design consultation with us. They take a kit with them including essential materials such as hardware and melamine. We will show you our collection of designs with different finishes, colors and styles.

How do I schedule a consultation with your closet builders near me?

There are some options to do so. First, you can call our customer care hotline. Second, you can use our online contact form. You need to provide your full name, address, email or contact number. Then, indicate your message or question.

What do you make for closet organizer systems?

We make all kinds of custom closets and other cabinetry needs. We design, install and build kids closets, reach-in, wardrobe, walk-in and utility closets. Contact our customer care hotline for more specific services.


Many thanks for the professional assistance! We are also pleased with the whole process and results during the consultation. From the start, we know that we are with experienced and skilled designers.

Amir P.


I highly recommend this service provider of custom closet if you are looking for an affordable rate. Trust me, your time and money will never be wasted.

Laura Z.

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Once we gathered all the essential information and you confirm or approve everything, we will start with the design consultation. Reach out to our team immediately to learn more.

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